Sia Network

The Sia network provides decentralized and redundant data storage.

This page shows how to use Sia with the native integration, it most cases you should follow this guide for the S3-based integration instead: /guide/setup-with-sia.html

You will need a fully configured local instance of renterd:

Warning: Both renterd and this integration are still experimental. Please report any bugs you encounter.


workerApiUrl = "http://localhost:9980/api/worker"
apiPassword = "test"
downloadUrl = "https://dl.YOUR.DOMAIN"

Using Caddy as a reverse proxy for Sia downloads

This configuration requires a version of Caddy with, if you don't want to cache Sia downloads you can remove the first 4 lines and the cache directive.


    order cache before rewrite

  uri strip_suffix /

  header {
    Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

  cache {
    stale 6h
    ttl 24h
    default_cache_control "public, max-age=86400"
    nuts {
      path /tmp/nuts

  rewrite * /api/worker/objects/1{path}

  reverse_proxy {
    to localhost:9980
    header_up Authorization "Basic OnRlc3Q=" # Change this to match your renterd API key