S5 Config

You can edit the config.toml file to configure your S5 node. You can apply changes with docker container restart s5-node

This page describes the available sections in the config.


The seed is generated on first start, you should keep it private. It's used for signing messages on the network.


domain: Configure this value to match the domain you are using to access your node. If you for example configured your domain example.com to be reverse-proxied to your S5 Node Docker container using Caddy, nginx or others, you should set this to example.com

port: On which port the HTTP API should bind to and be available (you should usually keep this the default)


Check out the Stores documentation for configuring different object stores.


You can enable the accounts system by adding this part to your config:

enabled = true
path = "/db/accounts"

Registrations are disabled by default, you can enable them by adding this part:

alwaysAllowedScopes = [



Configure a custom cache path with path, you likely don't need this if you are using Docker.


Configure a custom database path, you likely don't need this if you are using Docker.


List of initial peers used for connecting to the p2p network.