Setup With Sia

Please follow this guide instead: deploy-renterd.html

Sia is a decentralized, affordable and secure cloud storage platform. You can use it as a storage backend for your S5 Node.

First, you'll need a fully configured instance of renterd (the new Sia renter software) running somewhere. Here's a great guide which shows you how to set one up easily on the Sia testnet:

Next, you need to set up a S5 Node using the instructions available at /install/index.html

For configuring the S5 Node to use your Sia renter node, you will need to add this section to your config.toml:

accessKey = "MY_ACCESS_KEY" # Replace this with the access key from your renterd.yml
bucket = "sfive" # Or just "default"
endpointUrl = "YOUR_S3_ENDPOINT_URL" # http://localhost:7070 if you followed the Sia renterd testnet guide
secretKey = "MY_SECRET_KEY" # Replace this with the secret key from your renterd.yml

And then restart the node with docker container restart s5-node

You might also want to enable the accounts system on your node if it's available on the internet or if you want to use it with Vup, see /install/config/index.html for details.